Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching voice revolves around three components: application of historic pedagogy and voice science, my personal experience within the field of performance, and the personalized goals of each student.

I facilitate learning by first establishing a goal-based partnership with each student. Using guiding and open-ended questions throughout lessons, I encourage each student to be curious and intentional. Through this awareness, students can better understand their growth and recognize the changes in their technical approach toward singing, thus better developing and progressing toward goals. Curiosity and creativity are among the most outstanding characteristics of the human intellect, and I work diligently to inspire these qualities in my students.

The foundation of this partnership is of the upmost importance to my teaching process. This healthy partnership better enables experimentation, which I have found to be crucial when building a refined technique. I am continually expanding my knowledge of historic pedagogy and voice science. It is with this understanding that I discern how to build a student’s voice. Repertoire is selected to complement the exploration of technical aspects and to assist in the development of language, performance practice, and interpretation skills.

I further believe that the art of solo singing is important because it allows the performer to explore rhetoric, to facilitate emotional development, and to create historical renderings. This is my objective for every singer. All people, no matter their aspirations, can benefit from learning to use their voice. This belief is a crucial aspect of why and how I teach. Being an instructor of voice challenges my creativity and curiosity in the areas of psychology, physiology, physics, language, history, and repertoire. I am passionate about my discipline because singing allows us to transcend our circumstances and connect with others in an extraordinary way. I am therefore driven to cultivate artists who are fully human through their emotional intelligence and who share their skills through art.